Holiday Haze to Holiday Maze

$2,000.00 $1,850.00

Premier Couples Communication Package
8-week holiday package
Just in time for the holidays, Alison has created a special and timely reduced- rate package for you and the one you love. If you’re having trouble understanding each other, or just need to see through the haze of the holidays, this package will work perfectly for you.

Many couples right now are going through hard times. Be it the election anxiety, work stress or knowing you’re going to have to see your in-laws, no matter the case, these skills you will learn will be super helpful through the the holidays. Take advantage now and see your relationship for what it really is!

What you get:
You both will work through tough decisions that usually cause arguments
See the maze (goal oriented and problem solving) through the haze
Be able to communicate effectively with each other
Find out what your sexual needs and how to express them
Learn skills that you can use in bed, at work, or anywhere you go.



8-week program description
5 (45-50) MINUTE sessions (2x month)
½ hour get to know you beginning session
Sensual couples homework assignments
Experiential couples homework exercises
Individual process homework
2 anytime email exchanges

8-week program policy details
Sessions are via Skype or Phone
Sessions are 45-50 min each
Available as gifts for friends or family
Must be started and scheduled before Dec 31st, 2016
Sessions must be completed within 3 months of purchase
There are no refunds on any Package